Tiara is one of those incredibly sexy babes who has to get in touch with the city where she’s staying. Tiara, like her fellow London escorts, spends hours exploring the city of London so that she can know it inside and out. London is a remarkable, world-class destination, a hub of tourism and commerce. She loves to see the sounds and sights of the city, loves to see what London has to offer, and she delights in sharing that with the people who book her time. London has so much to do and to see. It’s a remarkable place, full of entertainment and other attractions, and it is known throughout the world as one of the iconic go-to destinations of the planet. Do you want to experience London as you have never experienced it before? Do you want to go out with Tiara and see London as you haven’t previously? Tiara will show you an adventure, and you will be amazed at the extent of that adventure.’


Age 26
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Tiara Tiara
Tiara Tiara

“I know everywhere in London that is exciting, “Tiara says. “I love to go exploring for new adventures and new locations to have them. It could be something as simple as a club or a museum, or something as ordinary as a restaurant, but if it is exciting and it’s fun, then I want to get to know it as well as I can. I want to add that experience to my own. Every one of us should try to experience as much of life as we possibly can manage to experience. We owe it to ourselves to look for it, to go after it. No matter what, every day you should figure out what makes you happy and makes you interested, and then go after it. This is what makes life worth living, and I think that’s very important. I enjoy my life, and I love being a London expert. I don’t think I could do this job as well as I do if I weren’t really enjoying every step of it along the way. You’ve got to embrace the adventure that life has to offer. We have to wake up each and every day and embrace the possibility that life has to offer. What else is there to do with our lives? You should never waste the gift of a new day. Every time I have the chance to do something exciting and fun, every time the opportunity for a new experience comes along, I go for it. This is what makes me happiest.”

Tiara definitely has a naughtier nature, and she loves to give her naughty side free reign whenever she can. “I think there is a difference between being genuinely naughty and playing at being naughty so that men will be more interested in you,” she says. “I know that men like women with a naughty side, and I am okay with that. But people need to understand, especially my clients, that I’m very genuine about who I am. When I’m close to someone, when I’m explaining to them what I like and find out what they like, I try to be completely honest and open. I think that’s very important when you’re trying to let someone in. You have to be honest and you have to live your life as genuinely as you can. Otherwise, you’re risking spending all this time not doing what you want, and spending time doing things you don’t want to do.”

Tiara loves making her clients happy. She would never risk doing anything to disappoint them. She can play the role of the perfect, innocent young woman, and she can be as naughty as she can possibly be. She is great at sensing people’s limits and helping them to push through them to have even more fun. She has nothing but respect for her clients and loves to get close to them. “I love to have fun,” she says, “and I’m an incurable flirt. But I also have a great nose for new things. I’m always looking to be spontaneous, unpredictable, and nothing but fun.”

“I truly find my center, the core of my passion, when I go dancing in clubs,” Tiara says. “I am always most excited when I’m doing that, when I’m getting in touch with who I am through dance. When I dance, I feel like that’s when I truly become my whole self. The beat just vibrates through me, and I feel it deep inside my soul. It drives me crazy. It feels primal, and sensual, and I’m a very sensuous sort of person. I need that way of cutting loose and getting release. I love to be who I am and to get in touch with myself. Dancing is the greatest thing in the world and I love it when I can share that with the people who spend time with me.

At the heart of Tiara’s philosophy of life is the fact that she believes in being herself no matter what. “You have to be true to yourself in all things,” she explains. “If you aren’t true to yourself, then how can you truly share with anyone else? Always take charge of your life and move forward on your own circumstances. Don’t be superficial, and always understand that everybody has something to offer. I believe that’s true of everyone that I meet. Everybody has something great to offer you if you just give them a chance.”

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