Sara is the type of young woman who loves clothes, tools, gadgets, and other fun things. She loves to get all dressed up and look as sexy as possible, and when she does, she likes to check the latest phone and perhaps a tablet. She even plays some games, but not too many, and she likes to get to know the latest technology when it comes out. “When the new phones come out, I always upgrade right away,” she says. “I’m a little obsessed with having the newest technology at hand. I know women don’t often get the same credit for gadgets that men do, but they ought to. Some of my favorite electronics gurus are women. There’s no reason women and men can’t get the same credit for loving electronics. I’m always thrilled when I get my hands on a new piece of technology.”


Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Sara Sara
Sara Sara

Sara’s body always gets her attention, and she spends a lot of time running and working out to maintain that incredible shape. “I love to get dressed up and go out so that people can see me when I’m at my best. When you invest a lot of time in how you look and then people react to that and appreciate it, it’s a great sense of feedback. It’s a rush to see people appreciate you in that way. It isn’t only superficial, either. It’s an affirmation of what I do and who I am as a London escort. I love it when people check me out and look at me. When a man smiles and whistles at me, when he tries to get my attention, when he looks at me and stares at me, that’s a great feeling. And when I walk down the street, and people notice me, then I know how good I am at being a London escort. I want every client who goes somewhere with me to look like the biggest stud in the world because he’s on my arm. I love to be sexy that way. When a gorgeous woman walks into a room with a guy at her side, you look at that guy and you think, “He’s got something worth being with. Every man in the company with a sexy woman has more power than a guy who is by himself.”

It’s for that reason that Sara admits that she likes to get attention, and she is especially excited when a man gets a little hot and bothered around her. “I love being me,” she says. “I love looking like I do, and being as sexy as I am. When a man gets together with me, he’s never going to forget what it was like. He’s going to be thinking about me long after we’re not together. I want to have that impression on him. I want to be the girl who’s in your thoughts. I want to be so sexy that you simply can’t think about anything else. Whatever a client wants and needs, whatever it takes to make him happiest, I’m going to do what I can to accomplish that for him.”

Sara loves to have fun. She likes to get out and be social with her friends. She likes to shop, too, and she’s really fond of finding sexy new outfits she can wear. With curves like hers, she knows that it’s important to maintain them and to stay in shape. “I love to wrap myself up in tight, sexy outfits so that my lovers can open the present that I’m preparing for them,” she says. “I love to put in as much time and effort maintaining myself as I can. My body is very important both to me, and to me as a London escort, because it’s the thing that makes the escort experience valuable. Let’s be perfectly honest. A man doesn’t book our time to get a woman with a good personality. Yes, we all have great personalities. We’re fun, and we are personable, and we’ll show you a nice time. But lots of average looking women can do that. You book the time of a London escort because you want to be with a woman who is truly physically exceptional. Our agency has some of the most beautiful women in the London area. That’s why you should book with us, so that you can get that experience. So that you can be with a truly beautiful woman.”

“A lot of women mistakenly think that to look as good as possible, you have to spend a fortune,” she says. “But you don’t have to be rich to look good. You don’t even have to spend a ton of money to look good. You just have to be willing to hunt down and find the things that are most flattering to your shape. Every beautiful woman is a little unique. It’s one of the reasons that women have a much harder time finding clothes than men. Women of roughly the same size can have very different body shapes overall. Our curves aren’t all curved the same way, even among gorgeous ladies. So we’re unique like that, and that makes a difference. I love to shop for clothes so I can find things that fit me just right. It’s very exciting for me to be able to package myself that way. It’s really all about packaging. How do you present yourself?”

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