Persephone loves to show off her incredible body. Among other things, she loves how she looks in the skimpy bathing suits she can find. She likes to sun herself in string bikinis, the tinier, the better. She likes to know that when she walks by, every man who is out enjoying the sun by the pool is going to be taken with her. “I love to take a man’s breath away,” she says. “I love to see him turn red and look in amazement. When I know I’ve amazed a guy, I know my job is done. This is why it’s so exciting to be a London escort. Every adventure I go on, every chance I get to show off my amazing body, every time I get to be with somebody new, I’m living the adventure. I’m the kind of kind of girl who can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I’m proud of my ability to blend in and pass for someone who belongs no matter what the social occasion.”


Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Persephone Persephone
Persephone Persephone

Persephone also likes to be sexy and please the men she goes out with. She is skilled in fantasy fulfillment and she knows what it means to please a client. In her spare time, she likes to go out, have fun, and party. She considers that one of the best parts of being a London escort, in that her job affords her plenty of spare time to go out. “Every client likes to go out and have fun,” she says. “Some like to stay in for a more intimate time, but on the whole, a lot of my clients like to go party. I get to experience so much of London because of it. I think what makes having fun so special is that it takes your mind off of all your problems for a little while. When you have a party to go to, for a little while, that’s all you’re thinking about. You’re not worrying about anything else. You’re not thinking about all the stresses in your world. You’re not worried about your bills. You’re not thinking about that fight you had with a friend. You’re just enjoying yourself, and for a little while, you have nothing going on in your life except that upcoming event, that party, that thing you’re going to enjoy. Spending time in genuine recreation is the only break we really get from the rest of the world.”

Persephone can be any woman you want her to be. She knows she’s sexy, and she knows that every man who meets her wants to get close to her. She loves to please her clients and she loves to fulfill their fantasies. She is happiest when she is making her client happy. “Every man has a fantasy,” she says. “When he’s out with me, he’s that much closer to the fulfillment of his fantasies. He wants to be with a gorgeous woman who is on his arm all night, that’s fine with me. No matter where he wants to take me, I’ll go, and I’ll make him look good. I’ve been to high school reunions with my dates. I’ve been to business meetings. I’ve watched the look of amazement on my man’s face when he shows me off to the others who are there. And I’ve also exchanged knowing smiles with other escorts I’ve met in the industry as we encounter each other at these functions. We’re part of a select group, my fellow London escorts and I. We’re there to make our men feel special and to give them the best nights of their lives. Girls who take this on as their profession, they can recognize each other. We all have respect for each other. We’re all experts in client service. We live and breathe the idea of making every night a party.”

Persephone loves meeting new people. “The more friends I can make, the better off I am,” she says. “I love the thrill that you get when you meet someone for the first time, and all of their stories and jokes are fresh and new, just like yours are. I love that getting to know people phase of any interaction. It’s stimulating, and it makes me feel excited and interesting. I love to be surprised, and I love to be stimulated. The new phase of any interaction is always the most stimulating one. People are so very interesting. I love getting to know a new client.”

Persephone is proud of her elaborate collection of lingerie. “Lingerie is the sexiest thing there is,” she says. “When a man gives you lingerie as a gift, he’s really giving himself a gift. He’s telling you that he wants to see you in that outfit because he desires you. That’s a gift to you, too, of course, because he’s telling you he finds you desirable. When he was looking at that piece of lingerie, he was picturing what you would look like when you put it on for him. He was fantasizing about you. That’s a very powerful statement about how sexy you are. It’s actually very flattering.”

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