Penelope is a lovely woman who has a great deal to offer the world. Every man who books her time is looking for a chance to indulge himself in a way that he hasn’t before… and she’s happy to make that happen for him. There isn’t a single man in the world who hasn’t fantasized about being with a beautiful woman, and many men don’t get that opportunity unless they learn to avail themselves of a quality escort service like The Babes of London.


Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Penelope Penelope
Penelope Penelope

“Most men have a variety of great women they interact with over the course of their lives,” she says, “and sometimes they even date some real lookers. But if you want a drop dead gorgeous lady on your arm, and you want her to be there without any strings attached, then you need to book one of The Babes of London. Professional entertainers like me are on the top shelf of all the women you’re likely to get close to. And the best part about booking my time is that I’ll spend that time focused on you. I’ll give you the attention you haven’t gotten elsewhere.”

Relationships, Penelope believes, frequently cause far more trouble than they are worth. “I honestly can’t see any reason that someone would subject themselves to that. Too many relationships just look like one person pushing the other one around. The both of them end up worse off when the relationship is over than they were when it started. Is that any way to live? I’ve never thought so. You have to find your own way in this world, and if you find affection with someone, that’s great. But relationships should never be about obligation or chores. They should never feel like a burden. I honestly think that is why people turn to London escorts. They want the companionship of beautiful women, but they don’t want the obligations that come with having one. So they book a lovely London escort like me so they can spend focused time with a beautiful woman without having any expectations placed on them. I think expectations are the death of fun. I think we need to discard expectations. But there are an awful lot of women who seem to think they can just force these on their partners.”

Penelope is one of those girls believes being friendly to men is very important, and she is surprised by how few other women she meets who actually seem to feel the same way. She believes there aren’t enough friendly people in the world, as a result. She believes that society, as it becomes more advanced, also becomes less intimate. “I don’t believe we build friendships and relationships the way we used to,” she says. “In some cases that is because our modern definition of friendship is now different. But in other cases that’s because relationships simply aren’t what they once were. More and more men are turning to London escorts like me because they aren’t satisfied with the way conventional dating is treating them. Having seen what the old-fashioned way of dating does to men, I have to say I don’t disagree. I have seen too many men who’ve experienced poor treatment in traditional relationships. I think that’s a terrible shame. It’s a waste of potential, too. It’s so easy to just be nice to a man.”

This, of course, is why Paige places such a heavy emphasis on being friendly to men. Most women, she says, underestimate the power that being friendly to a man can give them. “The average woman treats the men around her pretty poorly,” she says. “We’ve created these endless minefields for our men. We expect them never to make a mistake and never to fail to anticipate what we want. We expect them to be mind readers. No man could endure that kind of pressure. It simply isn’t fair to expect that of a man and then treat him like he can never please you. Is it any wonder that men are turning to escorts? I ask that question all the time, and so do my fellow escorts. It’s worth asking because it is at the heart of all our problems as people.”

She goes on, “Men have been taught through terrible experience that conventional dating and the traditional dating scene put them at a disadvantage. They waste time and money and they get nothing for it. They invest all kinds of hours and they don’t have anything to show for it when they’re done. I think that’s very unfortunate. And there’s absolutely no reason for it. The average man can get a much better romantic experience by booking my time. When you book my time, you get a much better cost per value ratio. You get the time and attention of a beautiful woman, but you pay no hidden costs. It’s much more efficient in terms of your time. It’s just a better deal in every way that matters. Every man deserves a better deal than the one he gets with traditional dating. He deserves better than the time wasting hassle of Internet dating, too. And he deserves better than the drama and the baggage that comes with going out with women who are not professional entertainers.”

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