The gorgeous Kitty is a self-proclaimed wild girl. She’s always honest about what it was like growing up for her. Her parents may have had her lead a sheltered life, and they may have been strict, and as a result she was a rebellious young woman. She believes her parents’ attempts to shield her from the world just made her want to become that much more worldly. As a result, she has always gone out to experience the world with boldness and excitement. She has no illusions about what has made her the way she is. She knows that she will always be a product of her upbringing, and she thinks that some clients actually like that.


Age 22
Height 5’2″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty

“I’m a girl with a dirty mind,” she says. “That’s definitely a fact. I think guys love it when a girl is dirty, even filthy, because most women put on these airs that they are above all that. Most of us aren’t, though. We just like to play it that way. Personally, I love being a dirty girl. I love being sensual and I love my body. Expressing that is exciting and interesting to me. I think men get excited when I tell them how I used to be a very well-behaved girl, and now I’m super naughty. Guys love it when a girl is oversexed, or seems to be. I think that’s because for most of their lives, men are surrounded by women who pretend not to be interested in sex, or who act like they don’t need it as much as men do. But men absolutely love a girl who is both naughty and willing to indulge that. When she dresses like a slut, when she shows off her incredibly hot body, and when she lets him know she is as interested in being close to him as he is in being with her, well, that just drives a man wild. That’s why men like rebellious girls. They like girls who go after what they want and won’t be told what to do.”

Kitty is the sort of girl who will always go at light completely full bore, with nothing held back. She won’t let anybody get in her way and she loves her role as a London escort. “I think being a London escort is something that completes my life,” she says. “I feel in control when I do my job. I love to be able to live my life as I want to live my life. And I am absolutely incapable of simply giving up. I need to express myself, and I need to express my sexuality and sensuality, as I require. Fulfilling my potential as a woman and as an escort is something that I have to believe is the only way to be. I’m the best at what I do, and I love being an escort.”

Kitty developed early as a young woman, and her incredible body has always turned the heads of those around her. She freely admits to being a party girl and to having the kind of body that makes her want and need to be that way. She loves to have fun and she loves to be who she is. “I like to be myself,” she says. “When I look in the mirror I’m always very happy about how I look. When I’m dressed sexy, when I’m dressed more conservatively, or when I’m completely naked, that’s just who I am. I love to get dressed up and go out to have fun, and I love to snuggle up at home and be quiet and intimate. I don’t let my guard down easily, but I do get close to people, and the more I know them, the better we become friends. When I look at the people I spend time with, I’m always looking to build new friend relationships.”

“I love to go dancing,” says Kitty. “I know a lot of my fellow escorts do, and that’s normal. London is full of great nightlife. There are clubs and places to go dancing throughout the city. We are known all over the world for how much fun it is here, in fact. There’s always something to do when you go out in London, and the city is vibrant with life. It’s great to be able to indulge my desires and get out on the dance floor. When I cut loose, when I just release myself to the music, then I move and I make eye contact and I get close to those who dare to get close to me. It’s almost like I’m hypnotizing the men who see me. I love who I am. I love being the sort of person that I am. When I get close to a guy and I entice him with my sexy, beautiful form, I feel like the most powerful woman in the world.”

Kitty shows off her body and gets attention wherever she goes out, and that’s one of the reasons she is just an effective London escort. She gets a lot of pleasure and happiness from being the center of attention. “Men love to watch me,” she says. “They love to let their eyes move all over me and walk up and down me. That’s incredible to me. I love knowing I can hold a man’s attention like that. I love knowing I have that kind of power. It makes me very happy. Women are truly powerful in that way. A sexy woman is the most powerful force in the world.”

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