Janet is the sort of woman who prides herself on her ability to fulfill fantasies. She believes that fantasies are incredibly powerful, and that each of her fellow London escorts can fulfill their clients’ needs in a way that gives each of those clients something truly special. “Every special, sexy, beautiful woman can fulfill a fantasy if she really tries,” she says. “That’s what makes gorgeous women so special. Every woman who has the qualities a man wants, every woman who has the curves and the body that makes them desirable, can choose to bestow her time and attention on a man who wants and needs the presence of a lovely lady in his life. Do you ever think about how incredible that is? It makes people want to be with you. When a man wants to be with you, when he wants to spend time with you, that’s the most power you’ll ever have over another human being. And London escorts are in a great position to take good care of you with that power. They are always kind and respectful.”


Age 23
Height 5’2″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Janet Janet
Janet Janet

“It’s indescribable to know that every day, people who see you, with and without your clothes, are thinking about you in a romantic way,” she says. “Either they are someone who passes you on the street, or they’re someone you interact with, but either way, it’s truly powerful feeling, to know that you can have that kind of impression on someone. Our society puts so much emphasis on the value of beautiful women. If you are a sexy girl, you can pretty much write your own ticket. But there are a lot of ways that can go wrong. There are a lot of ways you can lose your way along the way. If you are a beautiful woman, you need to cherish the value that is your body and your look. And then you need to channel that into something that shows off your talent. I have great talent for professional entertaining. I know that, and I love that I can use my talents to show a man a great night out or a wonderful night in.”

Janet loves the feeling of making men fantasize about her. She also knows how much fun it is to take someone home and get to know him. “I love it when a man opens up to me,” she says. “When he’s ready to finally share himself with me, when he can tell me his fantasies and I can share mine with him, then we’re both going to start sharing with each other. I think that’s how you truly get to know someone. That’s when you start seeing who someone truly is. The typical man goes through his whole life never really feeling like this fantasies are being fulfilled, and when he finally has the chance to do that, he may have trouble working up the courage to do it. I don’t see any reason to approach life like that. I think you need to fulfill your desires while you have the chance. We all need to be more open and honest about the things we want, and my desire to make that connection is what makes me such an effective London escort.”

Janet is very much aware of how attractive she is and how much sway she has where men are concerned. “When you are as sexy as I am,” she says, “you know that can get a man to do whatever you want him to do. I know I come across as innocent and even sweet, but that’s something that I can easily prove isn’t true. I can use my body to get whatever I want. When I look at someone I want, when I decide I want something for myself, then I will go at what I want and use my sexy body to bring him over to me and make him want me. I also love to play with a guy’s expectations. When he thinks I’m going to be innocent, and then I show him that I’m a full on wild child and a naughty girl, that always excites me. I love to make a man wonder what’s happening. I truly do.”

Janet has a truly excellent skill when it comes to analyzing what her clients need and giving them what they want. She truly cares about pleasing her clients. Everyone brings something unique to what they do, but when it comes to pleasing clients and building repeat business relationships, Janet is very much in demand and very good at what she does. The Babes of London are some of the best escorts in the London area. “When I go out with a client, I like to find out what he needs and get very close to him. I talk to him, I see how he’s doing, I ask him what he likes, and I get to know him as closely as possible. I want him to feel excited when I get close to him and hold his hand, when I breathe in his ear, and when I touch his neck. I love to get to know each of my clients like that. I’m very skilled at being close to people.”

Janet is the kind of sexy woman who has a real talent for being nice to men, and also for being respectful. Her kind, inviting, personable nature is what her clients respond to. She knows that men are treated with disrespect in much of their lives. She loves being kind to them because most men don’t get that kind of respect or special treatment. “I adore being able to show a man a unique approach to being romantic,” she says. “I love being able to treat him in a way that most people don’t. It’s the simplest thing in the world. So few women understand that this is the secret to every man’s heart. You have to be nice to him. You just have to be kind.”