Farrah is the sort of passionate woman who can be stubborn, even strong willed, but she truly believes that men more often appreciate those qualities than they do not. This is because of her firm belief that men love women who have passion. “I think that every man wants a woman he can’t entirely control. When they think of women with strong wills, they think of excitement, and they think of adventure. A woman who is unpredictable, a woman who is someone you can’t control, is the sort of woman who can bring you an endless supply of excitement. Do you want to be with a boring woman? Most men don’t. I think being with someone who always excites you, someone whose behavior you cannot predict, is always going to be more fun for you. It’s going to make you feel like you’re more alive. I love to feel alive. I love to be who I am and be a London escort.”


Age 24
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Farrah Farrah
Farrah Farrah

Farrah haunts the nightclub scene in London and loves to take her friends and go to them. She is a certain kind of woman with a certain kind of reputation, and she knows that this gets her something in return. She is incredibly sexy. “Clubs are very special places for me,” she explains. “They are the one place where I feel like I can truly let my hair down. I love to see other people in the club having fun, enjoying themselves, and going wild in a way that they seldom do when they’re just leading their normal lives. All those beautiful people, sweating and dancing and being half naked. You have never seen women looking more beautiful than they do in nightclubs. And the people in those clubs, they love it. When girls go wild, when they dance and are sexy and make out with each other, when everybody just gives themselves over to having fun… it’s the perfect environment. I can never get enough of that. I just never get tired of it.”

Farrah loves to get the attention of the men who see her when she’s out. She knows that they desire her and this is something she values. “I love it when a man can’t take his eyes off me,” she says. “I want to feel that every time I go out. I want to feel his eyes moving over every part of my body. I like to show as much skin as I possibly can. I want to tease him and make him want to undress me the rest of the way. I want him to be thinking about putting his hands on me. I want his head so full of visions of what it would be like to be pressed up against me and naked with me that he can’t think about anything else. I love turning a man on. I love getting him all hot and bothered. I don’t think of it as cruel, because anyone who wants to book my time can spend time with me. I love to be teasing and getting men ready in their minds for me. It’s wonderful to be the object of someone’s focused lust like that.”

Farrah is an excellent London escort. She hates to be bored and she’s always looking for new, stimulating, and exciting things with which to occupy her time. “I need a new and constant supply of fun things to do. I am always on the hunt for variety, and it is excitement that I have to have,” she says. “I need something new all the time. I’m not talking about getting bored with a man, though. I mean I can go out with the same guy day after day if he thinks I’m interesting. But the things we do are what I would like to see be different. I need variety of experience. I need to know that there’s hope every day of something different. You know those movies where people live the same day over and over again, trying to get it right or perfect or whatever? That’s my idea of a bad life, always having the same set of things in front of you every day, never being able to hope for something completely unpredictable. I don’t want to waste my life like that. I think unpredictability and adventure, variety and excitement, are what make life worth living. It’s because I want to be surprised. I love to experience what life has to offer.”

Farrah explains that she likes to be surprised, too, and that this is essential to her not feeling bored. She hates being bored more than almost anything else, and she believes that unpredictability and spontaneity are the key to a good life. “Every day, when you get up, you need to have something new facing you. I would never want to get trapped in a routine and have to do the same thing over and over again. That’s not my idea of a good time. I want to have new challenges, new entertainment, and new fun each and every day.”

Farrah goes on to say that she loves the challenge of getting to know what each of her clients wants out of life, and tailoring her escort services to match that. “I think only a professional entertainer has what it takes to do that for someone,” she says. “That’s one of the reasons that you book the time of a London escort in the first place. You hire our time because you are looking for a professional entertainer who can treat you right and make your time special. I love to give new and exciting memories to the people who book my time. I love to show every man the fun and excitement that awaits in London. That’s what makes booking a London escort so special. And that’s why we are so highly in demand. We know how to treat you right. We know how to give you the time of your life.”