Danyelle is a sexy little thing who turns every head the moment she walks into a room. She knows only too well how much men like to look at her, and she takes every advantage that her stellar body brings her way. “I know that my body turns men on, and that’s why they look at me,” she says. “Most men, whether it’s a client or someone on the street, when they look me up and down, they’re thinking about this incredibly gorgeous woman and they want to be nice to me because they want to get close to me. I think most men respond more nicely to attractive women, even if there is no reason they’ll get close to her. That’s a normal human reaction. Men are likely to show you the best side of themselves if you just give them the opportunity.”


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Danyelle Danyelle
Danyelle Danyelle

Danyelle takes a lot of pride in her appearance, and she thinks this is one of the reasons she is such a well put-together, high-quality woman. “I think men always pay more attention to a woman who knows how to keep herself up,” she says. “It’s a sad fact that these days, very few women actually put in the time to look as good as they can possibly look. They get lazy, they get complacent, and they stop getting dressed up when they’re going out to be seen. That’s not to say you always have to be dressed up to the utmost when you are just going out to the store. But you can wear casual clothes that look good and that show you put time and thought into your appearance. Today, too few women bother to go through that effort. And their men get the worst versions of their ladies all the time, because their ladies have stopped bothering to put the effort into looking good. A woman needs to look good for her man not just to show that she cares about keeping herself up, but also to show her man that she cares enough to put in effort for him. This is one of the reasons women are so miserable to each other a lot of the time. Women are very competitive, and they get insanely jealous of a woman who is more attractive than they are. Modern women absolutely cannot stand to be second best when it comes to being sexy. They are always comparing themselves to other women.”

Danyelle prefers to be extremely positive and she thinks this informs the way she approaches her life. “Positivity is the gift that keeps on giving,” she says. “When you are a positive, upbeat person, everything comes to you and everything is better. It’s all about setting the right tone for your life. Think about that for a little while. Who do you want to have around you? Whose company do you appreciate? Nobody wants the company of a miserable, negative person around. Negative people drag you down. But positive people make everybody happy. Positive people lift people up and bring joy to those around them. If you want to be more popular, if you want people to be around you, then you have to be positive. People respond best to positivity… and your own life will improve when you maintain a popular outlook.”

Danyelle loves to bring joy to the men she spends time with as clients. She thinks that women in generally simply don’t devote enough time and effort to bringing happiness to the men in their lives. “Men aren’t happy and women aren’t happy,” she says. “There’s an epidemic of unhappiness among the people of the world. But men are actually very easy to please. If you show them that you care about whether they are happy, if you take the time to be sexy and good looking for them, and if you let them get close to you when they really want to get close to you, then you can wrap them around your finger and do whatever you want. I haven’t met a man yet who wasn’t the happiest guy in the world if his lady was just being nice to him. We need to spread that happiness around the world. We need to be kind to people more often. If you make a man feel appreciated, if you make him feel valued, then you’ll keep him happy no matter what.”

Danyelle, too, likes to feel appreciated, and she especially enjoys a man who knows how to be nice to her. “Women are a lot more complicated than men,” she says, “but they respond to some of the same things that men respond to. I love it when a man takes the time to be kind to me and show me, even in just little ways, that he really likes me. I love being treated in a way that makes me feel special. A guy doesn’t have to be a model or be perfect physically in order to get my attention. If he’s just kind and caring, if he just shows me that he’ll go out of his way for me, then that is all the proof that I need that he is worth my time. I love giving a man a chance to get close to me after he has proven to me that he likes to be nice.”

In the end, Danyelle is an incredibly sensuous girl who loves to show off her beautiful body and who likes to make men notice her. She is always sure to check her ego and her attitude at the door, however, because she knows that even a beautiful woman can take her need for attention too far. “Everyone deserves to be appreciated,” she says. “I love to show people that I care about them. Everyone needs that touchstone of human contact. If you can’t show people you care, what are you doing with your life? What would be the point if you can’t accomplish that? It’s something to think about.”