Cordelia is the sort of sexy, charming woman who can get to know her clients as she shows them how much fun the city of London can be. She is always excited to meet new people, and the men who encounter her are always very taken with her. They see her as sexy, fresh, and just a little bit unusual. “All men are looking to be thrilled and excited,” she says. “All men want something new and exciting in their lives. For most men it’s partly fantasy, but there’s also the very real need that everyone has to connect with another person. I don’t think you ever have to feel bad about your desires. I don’t think you should ever make apologies for needing what you need, or desiring what you desire. That’s why booking the time of a London escort is such a great use of your resources. You get exactly what you need, on your terms, and there’s nothing to get in the way of what you want. There’s nothing between you and the fulfillment of your desires.”


Age 21
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Cordelia Cordelia
Cordelia Cordelia

Cordelia has definite opinions about the fantasies that everyone has, too. “All men have fantasies,” she says, “and all women have fantasies too. For example, I like men with traditional manners. I like men who know how to be polite, who know how to treat a woman with formality and even grace. I think every man loves to show a woman that he knows how to treat her. He likes to show her that he can take the time and energy to treat her correctly. When you can make that effort, when you can just go a little farther to be great to people, then you are showing that you really care. I don’t think any woman wants a man she can just push around, of course. She wants a guy who is capable, and who has strength, and who is confident. But the thing is, even if you aren’t naturally self-assured, you can become that way. You can become confident. All you have to have is the opportunity. When I give a man the time of day, when I show him my attention, you would be amazed at how quickly any man blossoms when he has a beautiful woman giving him her attention.”

Cordelia loves to give massages. She has taken actual classes in massage and loves to use these to get more in touch with who she is as a sensual being. She likens her skill in massage to other skills that women display that turn men on. “Beautiful women are beautiful to everyone,” she says, “but a beautiful woman who also has skills can turn a man on with what she can do. Anyone with a great body can look good in a sexy, slinky outfit… but if you can do that while showing a man that you have more to you than just a pretty face, then you are so much better off. Men like beautiful women, but they prefer women who are the whole package. Our media are saturated with beautiful women. Just look at all the gorgeous girls on this website alone. There is no shortage of sexy ladies that can show you a good time. But it takes skill and talent to be a London escort. To really show a man that you are there for him, and to give him your full focus while entertaining him, you have to have real skills. Professional escorts are just that, professional. They are entertainers who have to have the skills to do their jobs right.”

Men respond best when women show them they are worthy, even if it’s a much more attractive woman than the man is typically used to spending time with. “On some level deep down, every man knows that he deserves the time and attention of a sexy lady,” she says. “That’s not a sense of entitlement. It’s a recognition of just how much value most men bring to the world. This is a fact. Men are great. They are sexy, they are fun, they are leaders. They are great people. They want someone who is sexy, but they want someone who has something going on behind the superficial, too. I learned the art of massage because I wanted to show my clients how good I am with my hands. I wanted them to see me as someone worthy of admiration, someone who could achieve great things through time and study. When I massage someone, it isn’t just about making them feel good. It’s also about showing off what I can do with my hands. I love knowing that I have a skill. I love being able to bring happiness with that skill. Think about what a wonderful thing it is to relieve a man of the stress and tension that he’s carrying around with him. Isn’t that a fantastic gift to give to a human being?”

Cordelia is also a great listener, and she thinks that gives her a real advantage when it comes to doing her job as a London escort. “I love to just listen to a man,” she says. “I love to be a great sounding board for him. Most men are never given the time and attention they deserve. As a London escort, I have the opportunity to do that for them. I never treat a man with disrespect. I never treat him less seriously than he deserves to be treated. I think every man wants a woman who is a good listener, because every man wants attention. It isn’t about the simple pleasures. It’s about being treated with respect and kindness. There isn’t enough kindness in the world. Every man deserves to be treated with kindness and given the respect that he doesn’t get elsewhere. There’s so little of that going around. If we were all kinder to each other, we’d all be a lot happier in so many ways. I truly believe that it works.”